The Relic of St. Jude
The relic of St. Jude

After his martyrdom, followers of St. Jude buried his body in Mesopotamia, known today as Iraq. (Historical Mesopotamia also included parts of present-day Iran, Turkey, Syria and Kuwait.) They later moved his body to its current place of rest, St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, with other Apostles. Centuries ago, the faithful encased a small relic from his forearm into a silver reliquary, preserved for many years in Armenia, Turkey, and Turin, Italy. In 1949, the Dominicans in Turin, aware of the enormous faith of visitors to the Shrine, presented the relic to our Province on the 20th anniversary of the Shrine’s dedication.

Friars of the Province of St. Albert the Great continue to permanently display this historic relic, reportedly the largest of an Apostle kept outside of Europe, at the Dominican Shrine of St. Jude Thaddeus in Chicago, Illinois. From time to time, friars accompany the relic on tours across the country for veneration at special events, including Solemn Novenas, healing services, and even presentations at schools. The Shrine also holds in safe-keeping three smaller relics of the Apostle.