Relics of SaintsA relic of a saint or blessed reminds us of and connects us to our sisters and brothers in heaven. A part of the saint’s body, like hair or bone fragments, or something the saint touched or used qualifies as a relic. The

Church distinguishes relics in three ways:

  • 1st Class Relic – A part of the saint’s body
  • 2nd Class Relic – An article touched by the person or touched directly to a part of his or her body
  • 3rd Class Relic – Something touched indirectly to the person by means of a 1st or 2nd class relic or to their tomb. You are a third-class relic if you have touched a saint while he/she lived!

(Image is from the Museum of Catholic Art and History (Columbus, Ohio) – Relics of Pope Saints Victor, Callixtus Urban I, Fabian, Cornelius., courtesy of  Wikimedia)