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The Dominican Shrine of St. Jude would love to have you as a member!

Membership means relationship!

If you are a NEW MEMBER of the Shrine, please fill out the form below.  Remember, we have NEVER and will NEVER share your personal information!  We ask for your cell phone number so that we may send you information by text message.  Don’t worry, you control how often we text you and you can always stop our texts by replying to any with the word “Stop”.

ALREADY A MEMBER? You are already a member if you receive our Newsletter by snail mail.  Snail mail only allows one way communication from the Shrine to you.  Email and texting allows two way communication between you and the Shrine.  And you can make a donation to the Shrine without giving us money by allowing us to contact you electronically instead of by snail mail!  Emails and texting are inexpensive whereas snail mail costs a lot!

Membership offers…encouragement in your life of faith and journey toward union with our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • encouragement in your devotion to St. Jude Thaddeus.
  • a community of faith to supplement (not substitute!) that of your parish
  • a community devoted to intercessory prayer
  • an opportunity to financially support vocations to the Consecrated Life and a Religious Order blessed with vocations entering every year.

Membership supports…maintenance of the Shrine located in St. Pius V Parish in Pilsen, Chicago.

  • Shrine Prayer Line (1-872-215-1463).
  • Intercessory prayer by Friars located through the Midwest for your prayers.
  • mission trips that enable the Shrine and relic to go on the road.
  • initial formation of vocation candidates.
  • care of the aged members of our Order.

Members receive…the Shrine newsletter which is packed with spiritual encouragement, prayer cards, and more!

  • the opportunity to pray for the intentions of other Shrine members.
  • convenient access to Mass intentions, St. Jude oil, candles, and Perpetual Enrollments.
  • an opportunity to request the Shrine and relic visit your home parish.
  • up-to-date info about upcoming Shrine events.