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A ministry of the Dominican Friars in Chicago

The Shrine of St. Jude is going on the road!

As our country and culture change, so too does the practice of religion.

Historically, the faithful travelled to visit a shrine (often by way of a pilgrimage)…
but now the Shrine goes to the people.  

Historically, devotions and prayer practices were taught within the family…
but now the Shrine teaches people of all ages how to pray.

Historically, a nine day novena was the gold standard of prayer…
but now people don't even take nine days off to go on a vacation let alone to pray so the Shrine offers 1 and 3 day events.

Invite the Shrine into your parish and unlock a wealth of resources!

Veneration of St. Jude Relic.  Anointing liturgy with St. Jude oil.  School presentations.  Adult Faith Formation Lectures.  Presentations to Parish Senior Groups.  RCIA Lectures.  Confessions. 

If you would like the Shrine of St. Jude to visit your parish, please fill out the form and information will be sent to you which you, in turn, can pass along to your pastor.  No, we don't send emails or information packets to pastors at the request of parishioners.  The poor pastors would be perpetually inundated by promotional material from shrines across the country.  Instead, we provide you with the information needed to approach your pastor and provide an informed reason for the Shrine of St. Jude to visit your parish.

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