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The Dominican Shrine of St. Jude Thaddeus

How Do I Pray a Novena with St. Jude?

As we mentioned in the section about Novenas, you have a great deal of flexibility in choosing how you will pray with St. Jude.  You can set your own list of prayers and pick the time of day which suits your style of prayer the best.  Below are the three options we invite you explore.

The St. Jude Virtual Novena

This option provides a short meditation on one aspect of St. Jude’s life and how it applies to us, a short St. Jude Prayer, and commitment or suggestion on how to put that lesson to work in our everyday lives.

Choose traditional prayers from the St. Jude Prayer Book

With this option you can choose what prayers to pray for your nine (or however many days you decide) from the selection. It can be as simple as praying only the first prayer on the page every day or choosing to pray all of the prayers each day. It is your choice. I am sure you will notice there are prayers for specific circumstances too.

Join us for one of our Solemn Novenas

When we speak of a Solemn Novena here at the Dominican Shrine of St. Jude we mean a series of nine days of Masses where the St. Jude Novena prayers are recited and a daily Rosary is prayer. When a Solemn Novena occurs outside of the Shrine site at St. Pius V Church here in Chicago, we bring our St. Jude relics, including the arm relic. We end the Novena with a healing Mass where holy oils are blessed with the relic. Because our Solemn Novenas happen in different locations throughout the country, please check our Solemn Novena Schedule.